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Welcome to Democracy Day, an immersive live event for students, approved by all parties at Christiansborg. This is not just a day; it's an opportunity for your students to witness democracy in action, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Democracy Day for Schools?

Approved by Christiansborg: The entire Christiansborg has agreed to host a live event at the center of democracy for all students. We are proud to be endorsed by all political parties to provide an immersive experience.

Why Bring Your Students?


Ignite the Passion to Shape Tomorrow:

Bringing your students to Democracy Day is an investment in their future. It's a chance for them to ignite their passion for democracy, and to see and experience firsthand how politics shapes the world. It's not just an event; it's an opportunity to inspire them to become future Shapers of our community.


'Shaping minds, Shaping Futures’


2. Inspirational Leaders:


Your students will have the chance to meet and interact with politicians, influencers, and fellow enthusiasts, creating a unique learning environment. It's an inspirational experience guided by The Shapers' commitment.

1. Real-World Connection:


Democracy Day connects classroom learning to the real world, providing a tangible experience that goes beyond textbooks.

3. Hands-On Participation:

Engage in Youth-Led Initiatives, Competitions, and Dynamic Discussions that empower students to actively participate in shaping their understanding of democracy.

4. Community Building:


Being part of Democracy Day is being part of a larger community. It's a chance for your students to feel connected to something bigger than themselves – to feel like they are part of The Shapers, a community that actively shapes the political landscape of tomorrow.

We made it together
We keep it together

  • It's your freedom

  • It's your future

  • It's your voice

Your student's democratic journey starts here! 

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