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Get Ready for Something Extraordinary!

Welcome to Democracy Day's Program Page, your sneak peek into an event that promises more than just a day on the calendar. Stay tuned for details that will elevate your live experience, creating anticipation for what's to come.


Expect the Unexpected:

  • Experience Christiansborg Live

  • Dynamic Discussions

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Inspirational Speakers

  • Youth-Led Initiatives

  • Meet the Shapers & Politicians

  • Competitions

Our program is not just an agenda; it's a portal to a day filled with surprises, excitement, and active participation.

Stay tuned for the big reveal, where we'll share more about the dynamic discussions, engaging workshops, and inspirational speakers that will make your Democracy Day experience unforgettable.


Daily Programme

Why join Democracy Day?

Explore Your Curiosity: 

  • Discover interesting things about democracy

  • Listen to cool speakers 

Take part in fun activities that will change
the way you see democratic participation

Connect with Shapers: 

Meet with politicians, thought leaders, 

and fellow enthusiasts in an environment 

that encourages good conversations and connections.

Help shape tomorrow: 

Join a movement where your curiosity 

turns into a positive power that helps 

shape the future of politics.

Your democratic journey starts here!

Why Democracy Day?

We keep it together because we created it together.


That's why :-)  


It's your freedom

It's your future

It's your voice 


There is more.

At Democracy Day, we believe in transforming politics into a vibrant and impactful influence in your everyday life. 

So come and ignite your democratic passion with us, where curiosity becomes a powerful catalyst shaping the political landscape of tomorrow.

You will have a day where it all happens. There is simply no better place in Denmark to experience our democracy and learn about it than at Christiansborg.

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