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A Health Check On The Essence Of Democracy

Welcome to Democracy Day – A day where we bring the heart of democracy to life.

What to Expect:

Meet the Shapers: Connect with politicians, influencers, and others who, like you, want to shape the future of democracy, all within the dynamic atmosphere of Christiansborg.

Spark Your Passion: Dive into a day filled with interesting talks, fun activities, and things that make you excited about democracy.

Sneak Peek at the Program: While we're keeping some surprises secret, get ready for a lineup of speakers, workshops, and hands-on experiences that will change how you see democracy. We'll share more details soon – stay curious!

Interactive Learning:  Experience our interactive sessions that make learning about democracy present and more realistic.

Your Live Voice Matters: This isn't just an event; it's a live platform for you to be heard. Share your opinions, ask questions, and engage in live discussions that matter. This is your chance to shape the conversation of today and tomorrow - live and direct from the hearth of Christiansborg!

Democracy Day – where the future of democracy meets the passion of today.

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